We catalyze innovation!

Catino is a Stockholm based design engineering studio that catalyze innovation by turning consumer insights into desirable products, services and user experiences. We bring your ideas to life!

Our 5E-Process™

Our 5E-Process: Extract, Explore, Evolve, Evaluate, Employ

When we design, we use our uniquely developed 5E-Process™. It’s an interdisciplinary mix of engineering and design skills. This process is applicable on practically any design challenge.


We extract insights by meeting people in their natural contexts. We interview and observe, which ensures an end result based on real needs. This phase defines the criteria and requirements for the  design challenge and creates a space for our creative exploration.


We explore a wide array of ideas, making sure to cover any imaginable area. No idea is too crazy! In this step we focus on divergent thinking to create as many choices as possible.


We evolve the ideas into concepts with different solutions to the design challenge. Using quick prototypes the concepts are tested with users and further iterated, and finally converged into one final concept.

5E-process step 4: Evaluate


The concept is evaluated and tested with users and other stakeholders to learn how it can be further improved. User reactions and feedback are then used to iterate the design into a final design that fulfills all needs and requirements.


When the final design proposal is found we assist with the implementation into the organization. We help you employ the solution to ensure that the product fulfills the needs and requirements all the way to the market introduction.

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