Calmark Lightbox

Product design

Solar powered water purifier

We helped Calmark design a custom-made lightbox for their point-of-care blood analysis system.

Note: This is a previous system. The current product has a different set of components.

Calmark iPhone and Token illustration

Calmark’s system utilizes the camera and interface of a standard smartphone together with their patented “Hilda” blood sample token to analyze blood in point-of-care contexts, e.g. at childbirths.

Calmark stand without a lightbox

The blood sample is applied to the “Hilda” token which is placed in the aluminum mount. The smartphone camera then analyses the sample and presents the result to the user.

Calmark stand with a bespoke lightbox

The custom-made lightbox with integrated LED light fixture and power transformer makes sure the camera has the exact same lighting conditions every time, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Calmark stand with a bespoke lightbox