Product design

Irradia Midcare laser device designed by Catino
Irradia develops medical lasers for treatment of inflammations. We helped them design MidCare, their first laser for the consumer market. The objective was to create a safe and easy-to-use handheld device with an inviting and unobtrusive design.

MidCare is a handheld medical laser used to reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing. The treatment is non-invasive, as the laser is applied exclusively to the surface of the skin.


Easy to understand - Only one button and a natural direction


The concave grip is comfortable, and the angled aperture front provides good reach


The laser is activated when the front is pressed against the skin
The laser is only activated when the front is pressed against the skin. This is indicated by the front ring lighting up.
"The design of MidCare expresses reduction in a perfect shape that is as comfortable to hold as it is functional."

jury, Red Dot Design award 2019

How we designed midcare

Step 1 & 2 - Extract & Explore
We explored a wide range of ideas for the shape of MidCare. It had to be comfortable to hold and also provide good reach when treating different parts of the body. Combining sketches with physical clay mockups we were able to find the right grip shape, aesthetical expression and function.
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Step 3,4 & 5 - Evolve, Evaluate & Employ
Using 3D-printed prototypes we could do quick iterations of our ideas and evaluate the ergonomic aspects. With the shape of the outside defined, we set out to design the insides; supports for PCBs, movable parts, battery compartment and other structural features. In close collaboration with the manufacturer we then optimized the design for the different manufacturing processes and delivered the final drawings.
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