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We know realizing ideas can be difficult and that the process might feel complex and time consuming. Our team of experienced designers and engineers love turning great ideas into creative and high quality products. Tell us about your idea, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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Concept design

We help startups, entrepreneurs and businesses explore future product ideas and new design directions. Concept design means visualizing and communicating product ideas, ready to pitch to your organization, potential customers or investors. Our design concepts are creative and well-defined as well as technically feasible.

Creative design ideas
Strategic design
Sketching ideas for concept design

Industrial design

The product is designed for the end user in mind and to solve functional problems. It is defined and optimized with regards to form, function, usability and ergonomics. Materials and manufacturing techniques are chosen to achieve great look and feel as well as a low environmental impact.

Surface design
Color, Material & finish
Product sketches and prototypes for industrial design

Mechanical design

Product design is not just about appearances, a successful design also needs to be optimized in terms of mechanical performance and adapted to manufacturing techniques. Electronic components need to sit securely inside, moving parts need to work the way they were intended, and standards need to be met. The end result is final CAD drawings ready for production.

CAD models
Working prototypes
Production drawings
Testing prototypes for mechanical design

Our design process

Our approach to product development is an interdisciplinary mindset where engineering meets design. The process can be applied on practically any design challenge and ensures high quality results. We typically work in short sprints and make sure to include the client throughout the whole process to make sure that the project always is on the right track.


The first phase defines the criteria and requirements for the design and frames the space for our creative exploration. We extract insights by interviewing and observing users in their natural contexts, which ensures an end result based on real needs.

Problem definition
Market analysis
User Studies

In the exploration phase we focus on divergent thinking to create as many choices as possible. We often brainstorm together in bigger groups to build on each other’s ideas and we love using models and mock-ups, both physical and digital. The  ideas can then be merged into concepts with different approaches to solving the design challenge at hand.

Color, material & finish

The concepts are evaluated and tested with users, and the feedback is used to improve the design. In an iterative workflow we test and refine the design several times until the final design proposal is found.

Iterate & refine

When the final design is agreed on we evolve the product and finalize the construction. This involves positioning and securing inner components, optimizing for manufacturing, making sure that  structural parts perform the way they should and that the surfaces are of high quality. The results are CAD drawings ready for manufacturing.

Mechanical construction
DEsign for manufacturing
DEsign for assembly
Production drawings

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