Product design

Irradia Midcare laser device designed by Catino
Mendi is a fun and easy-to-use brain-enhancement device for home use. The headband connects to your smartphone allowing the user to get instant feedback on brain activity, while doing specifically developed exercises to strengthen the brain.

How we designed Mendi

Extract & Explore

Formboard and CMF (Color, Material & Finish)
Very early in the process we established what looks we wanted to achieve. We were inspired by organic yet defined shapes and soft colors with a sense of contrast. By creating a form board we could communicate our aspirational design with the client and had inspiration throughout the rest of the design work.
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Sketching and form development
We explored how the device could attach to different heads, and follow the shape in a natural and unobtrusive way. From that we examined various shapes and forms of the device itself, combined with the attachment principle. Lastly we iterated and refined the shape and made sure it would look good also on its own, not on the head.
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Evolve, Evaluate & Employ

Evolving the shape for optimal head fit by evaluation
By 3D-printing several shapes we could do quick iterations and find a shape we believed was good for as many users as possible. The arcs were tested with people with different demographics and more form iterations could be made.
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A resizable elastic band proved to be the best attachment system. We carefully selected the right thickness, width and elasticity, alongside with the right color and textil feel to match the band with the hardware.
Read about our 5E-Process™